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The remanufacturing industry has become global with product now being manufactured in China, Vietnam, Korea, Mexico, and India. Many of these companies understand that reusing and recycling is one of the basic underpinnings of our industry and reuse OEM cartridges, as we do.

Other companies have taken a different path. Rather than recycling empty toner cartridges, some non-U.S. companies have chosen to operate on a different playing field. They manufacture their own cartridge shells, known as cores. Beyond the questionable legal ramifications and patent violations, these companies completely miss the point of our industry and only add to the worldwide waste crisis. What happens to these empty cartridges? Most end up in American landfills. Most U.S. manufacturers find these non-OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cores to be inferior and unsuitable for remanufacturing. And yet, these companies are allowed to continue to export these toner cartridges into the U.S. as “new”.

Laser Image Plus is a U.S. jobs-provider. We are proud to offer products that are remanufactured in the U.S. by employees who work according to U.S. government-mandated wages, working conditions and legal status requirements. Additionally, we purchase all our empty toner cartridges from sources here in the United States. Moreover, you are assured of an environmentally- friendly "green” product, a guarantee which is becoming increasingly more important to individuals, companies and governmental agencies.

Sound business practices and a commitment to an American-made product is why Laser Image Plus is able to unconditionally guarantee our remanufactured toner cartridges, when used as directed, to perform to your complete satisfaction for five (5) years.


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