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The compatible printer supplies market is constantly changing, and in recent years OEM printer manufacturers have begun releasing printers at a much more rapid pace than ever before. The challenge becomes balancing the need to release new products as soon as possible with creating an unequivocal quality product that our customers will want to purchase again and again.

We examine potential new product offerings, the demand for the product, and more importantly, establish an efficient, cost-effective means of producing the product. We work closely with our vendors and thoroughly test each of their components and products to best match OEM characteristics and outcome.  We develop procedures to remanufacture the product efficiently and carefully, and then train personnel. This is very important since our products are only as good as the people who produce them. Production personnel then must produce batches that are, again, thoroughly examined and tested. Life testing is done on these batches to look for any unforeseen problems. If any defect is found, the cartridges go back to the drawing board to determine the cause of the problem.

Once any problems, if any, are resolved, we put the solutions in place and produce additional test batches. Only after the product exhibits a consistent, reliable, OEM- comparable performance, do we release a new product for sale.

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We are always willing to consider our customer's needs when developing new products. If you have a need for a specific remanufactured toner product not currently produced by Laser Image Plus, please complete this form on the right and we will begin the process to determine if the toner product is a good fit for production by Laser Image Plus.

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