7 Reasons to Purchase from
Laser Image Plus

Laser Image Plus has built its business and reputation around seven simple principles that ensure you will have a positive experience when you purchase compatible laser toner cartridges from us.

All products are proudly produced in the USA. We are an American jobs provider and won’t sell you an inferior cartridge comprised of unpatented cartridge cores made in a foreign country that doesn’t respect human dignity and the fragile planet on which we live.

A company-wide passionate commitment to producing quality products. One of the select companies certified to display the STMC (Standardized Test Methods Committee) logo on its products, Laser Image Plus has met the industry’s rigorous training standards overseen by the International Imaging Technology Council for measuring cartridge performance across the board without bias or skewing of the results. Standardized testing, introduced in 1998, is an essential element in ensuring a quality product in today’s toner cartridge remanufacturing industry. The STMC test methods which we employ include measurements for yield, image density, and background. In this way, we are able to measure the performance quality of a cartridge with credible, consistent, standardized evidence. Read more about why achieving STMC certification is so important to ensuring the highest  quality product performance.

Engineering acuity. This begins with using the best components. We base our purchasing decisions on which toner, drum and every other cartridge component together produce the best clear and brilliant image that your customers demand. Frankly, it is choosing the right components that makes the difference between an average product and a great product. Relentless STMC-certified testing and retesting confirms the highest-caliber scientifically-achievable solution for each product.

A commitment to being at the forefront of new product development. Some in our industry concentrate their efforts on the high-volume toner products consisting primarily of Brother, Hewlett Packard and Lexmark products. Other remanufacturers claim to be the specialists in the hard-to-find toner products. Laser Image Plus has bridged the gap between these two approaches. We have been manufacturing both high-volume and specialty toner products for over two decades. Discover more about our methodology for creating new products.

Lifetime warranty. All Laser Image Plus remanufactured toner cartridges are unconditionally guaranteed, when used as directed, to perform to your complete satisfaction with no time limit as to when a claim may be made. Laser Image Plus will coordinate the return of a defective cartridge at our cost. Furthermore, Laser Image Plus warrants that the products will not damage the printer when stored, installed and used in accordance with Laser Image Plus’ recommended procedures. For more details, visit our Warranty page.

Attention to each and every cartridge. Every single toner cartridge we produce is important. At Laser Image Plus, we recognize that each product you purchase from us has the power to transform and build your business, strengthen the relationships you have with your customers, and bring new business to your company. Laser Image Plus had its start by selling to end-users. We know how challenging it is to get and retain clients, especially in a difficult economic environment. As it should be for all companies in this industry, our quality is the hallmark by which we are known, but we understand that quality translates to the meaningful ability to grow your business without worry, and the ability to build credibility with your customer. With Laser Image Plus as your outsourcing partner, you are assured your customers will think of you as the reliable, consistent, top-notch supplier of office products they need.

Dedicated staff. Our top three employees alone account for over a combined 70 years of experience in the toner cartridge remanufacturing industry. That means something. It means experience. It means perseverance. It means trust. If we encounter a problem, we roll up our sleeves until we find a solution. We work closely with our dealers within a synergistic environment. Laser Image Plus has customers that have been using us as their source for remanufactured toner products longer than some companies have been around.

Consider Laser Image Plus as your reliable source for competitively-priced, high-quality remanufactured toner products.


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